Sadists in Haugesund = Torture

So, these last nights – 28/29.04.23, 01 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 25 / 26 / 27 /28 / 29.05.23 – I once again was plagued by radiation through my body. My body literally boils. After years of this torture my body is finally starting to give up. My heart is not strong enough I guess. Last night my hands were boiling. It was excruciating. Update: I am dying from this. They are letting it look like I died in my sleep. They are actively killing me. I keep waking up in agony.

08.05.23 update: In agony. My hands are boiling again. This is horrible.

25.05.23 update: My brain literately short-circuited after waking up in intervals of 4-5 minutes hour after hour in agony. It was scary.

But where does this radiation come from. The radiation might be some form of electro-magnetic-radiation (EMR), and seems to originate from the apartment below me.

Since 2012 a man and a woman have tortured me, and god knows whom else. Also I believe that these people have killed (people, pets) and is directly responsible for several suicides.

In 2012, when I was alone in my parents house. There were these people, the man and the woman with someone else, that broke in, in the middle of the night and did an operation on me in 2012 at my parents houses basement. They gave me something to make me sleep for many many hours and put something in my mouth that I involuntary swallowed. When I eventually woke up, it was like waking up from an operation in the hospital. Also I bled from my head. After this I could hear these two people comment and give feedback on everything I was thinking out loud inside of me. They could in other words hear my thoughts. They gave feedback on everything I was thinking and that naturally drove me insane. It is the worst possible mental torture you can imagine in my opinion. It lasts even to this day.

Other things they did to me since 2012 is give me electroshock every time I think something they do not like. They can send thoughts into my head. They can control my bladder. They can shut off vents to my heart. They can send images into my head and see images I visualized. They could control my body temperature. Also they injected me with syringes a few times. This led to them giving me a tiny stroke.

I have since concluded that these two persons are sadists. A sadist is a person who gets an enormous sense of pleasure and sexual stimulation by humiliating other people. I also believe this includes torture and killing of other people.

Sadist Illustration

These two sadists typically:

  • Is sexually aroused by sadistic acts. (Torture, Children).
  • Exercises power/control/domination over victim. (Humiliation, Radiation).
  • Humiliates or degrades the victim. (Humiliation, Pictures).
  • Tortures victim or engages in acts of cruelty on victim. (Radiation, Rape/Killing of children).
  • Mutilates sexual parts of victim’s body. (Children, Rape).
  • Has history of choking consensual partners during sex. (Children).
  • Keeps trophies of victim. (Parts of my brain/cranium, 2012 operation in basement).
  • Insertion of objects into bodily orifices. (Anal, Oral). He has inserted pencils and other items in my apartment in his rectum then mastrubated. As a sadist he must have sexual satisfaction. He stands outside my door at night sometimes and masturbates. I can hear him grunt like an animal.

While this was happening I got emails from these two sadists – whom I believe is the police at this point – that contained child pornography and as I understood it they wanted me to join them in a child pornography ring. To my disgust I simply deleted these emails, but I regret that now. I should have published them. Obviously this means these sadists are pedophiles.

Some things I’ve heard these two sadist say:

  • I’ll gladly shoot him.
  • Lets kill his pets and he’ll get so sad he will kill himself.
  • I’m gonna destroy this man if it’s the last thing I do.
  • People don’t lie inside of them.
  • Everyone that writes that, means it.
  • Let’s take him down to the station.
  • Shouldn’t believe it went through. (Radiation).
  • Just wait until he sees the picture.
  • We are listening to what he says when he is sleeping.
  • I don’t give a damn, he is gonna die soon anyways.
  • If he only knew what we’ve done, he would kill himself.

I have concluded that several people in my home area whom has taken they’re life, has done so as result of these two people interfering in they’re life’s. I believe they killed my father, and a friend of mine, only because they were trying to help me, and these two sadists did not accept that. How can it be that these two people are working for the police? It is insane.

These two sadists follows Adolf Hitlers doctrine: The truth does not matter, the only things that matter is winning. Also it seems they want to revenge something. Meaning that according to Albert Einstein, these are weak people with small minds. Because only weak people revenge.

It is my understanding that these sadist rapes and kills children bought from belgum. They have a chapel where they put the children. When they are done raping them they come up behind them an slit their throat. The children falls to the ground and rolls around dying and bleeding while the sadists mastrubates. This gives them ultimate sexual pleasure and happiness.

Moving along, in 2015, I was kept up all night by loud banging on the walls. Some people, maybe some of my neighbors, at the time had problems with me for some strange reason. This went on for several weeks and I almost collapsed of exhaustion. You see I take medication and if I do not get any sleep I literally can die.

Also in around 2012-2015 I woke up in the middle of the night by a flash and a man running out my apartment laughing, and talking to someone in the hallway. Someone had taken picture of me in bed sleeping. What a horrible feeling. No wonder I have multiple locks on my door now. How did the perpetrator come in. Did the janitor let him in? Did he have the key. I remember getting the impression at the time that a fireman had let him in.

I also had many break ins into my apartment by the sadists. Besides destruction and stealing, they installed evil maid BIOS on my work computer. My WiFi was hacked with – as far as i can tell – evil twin. This led to a large spend on new equipment. Also my entrepreneurship company was hacked and put into a limbo state. This was a very difficult time for me because I had on and off for years worked on the entrepreneur business.

If anyone has pictures of these sadist please send them to me. If you know their names also send their names to me. The more we expose these people the safer our children and fellow mankind are. God Bless.

This page is my torture rant. I can only comment on the truth and there is so much to comment on.

PS. There is no doubt that these two sadists are demonic, straight out of hell, soul sucking devil worshipper sadists. The only thing that can defeat them is the light. Lord Jesus Christ and your paypal donation to I fight the good fight in trying to identify and stop these demonic forces. The problem is that they may be part of the police force. So there is no help there. We must use different tactics. Spreading the word is important. Making sure that they are identified everywhere they go. Please pray for all the lost souls and all the people like me who are their targets. Together we will stand as a beacon against the injustice and hellish devastation that these sadist brings with them. Thank you.

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