Developer Extensions Privacy Policy

Thank you for choosing Developer Extensions from SOLBERG IT SOFTWARE. Before installing and using the software be aware that all software has bugs. To that effect Developer Extensions is no exception. You hereby understand that the software might have bugs and accept that. SOLBERG IT SOFTWARE and our product Developer Extensions do not track, spyContinue reading “Developer Extensions Privacy Policy”

Linux: Is Keyboard Rootkitted

I created a keyboard rootkitted detector that consist of a Linux Loadable Kernel Module (LKM), a /proc/is-kbd-rkt file and a simple app that outputs the result. The app looks something like this: In order to try it out you first need: to have installed g++, gcc and make and need to have the linux-headers-`uname -r`Continue reading “Linux: Is Keyboard Rootkitted”

CMPlayer macOS Release

If you have your own music collection on your mac or on a mounted drive, then CMPlayer is for you. The CMPlayer software runs on macOS as a console application. CMPlayer is a different kind of music player. It can run continually, selecting songs at random from the entire music collection, or from a searchContinue reading “CMPlayer macOS Release”

Synergi LINQ Provider Prototype

The last two weeks I have been working on a LINQ provider for Synergi. LINQ is a very nice and useful mechanism for extracting data from any type of data store. When creating a LINQ provider there are some hurdles to overcome. Once you get an understanding of IQueryProvider, IOrderedQueryable<T> and the ExpressionVisitor abstract class,Continue reading “Synergi LINQ Provider Prototype”