.NET Just in Time Compiler and Memory Layout

The CLR executes only unmanaged machine code. The first time a method is called, the CIL for that method must be verified and compiled by the JIT compiler. If what the CIL does is not safe, a VerificationException is thrown. Some of the benefits of a JIT compiler are: Locality of reference. There is aContinue reading “.NET Just in Time Compiler and Memory Layout”

Synergi LINQ Provider Prototype

The last two weeks I have been working on a LINQ provider for Synergi. LINQ is a very nice and useful mechanism for extracting data from any type of data store. When creating a LINQ provider there are some hurdles to overcome. Once you get an understanding of IQueryProvider, IOrderedQueryable<T> and the ExpressionVisitor abstract class,Continue reading “Synergi LINQ Provider Prototype”

Syndication Library

Back in 2004 I created a syndication library for consuming and creating RSS/RDF/ATOM feeds. This library has been lying around for many years and I finally decided to make it public by making it downloadable from my homepage This blog post will show some code examples and explain a little about how to use theContinue reading “Syndication Library”