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Unsafe Environment

Today another person tried to come into my apartment. It is unsafe here. If anything happens to me, or there is another break in, the people who do not belong here are the culprits. FYI I live in an apartment building with six apartments and I have three locks on my door. It seems likeContinue reading “Unsafe Environment”

A Few Song Ideas

Here is a few song ideas written and exported as Audio (.mp3) from Guitar Pro 7.6.

Linux: Is Keyboard Rootkitted

I created a keyboard rootkitted detector that consist of a Linux Loadable Kernel Module (LKM), a /proc/is-kbd-rkt file and a simple app that outputs the result. The app looks something like this: In order to try it out you first need: to have installed g++, gcc and make and need to have the linux-headers-`uname -r`Continue reading “Linux: Is Keyboard Rootkitted”

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