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Linux: ccat

The ccat command I created for Linux – written in Pascal – types files to screen like the cat command does, except it runs the files through a color filter. An example of the output for a small XML file and a small Pascal file is shown below. In order to try out ccat youContinue reading “Linux: ccat”

Developer Extensions

Developer Extensions are a set of tools that expand File Explorer on Windows 10 10.0.19041+ and a status area tool for helping with IIS and COM+. The File Explorer tools are a info tip extensions on dll and tlb files. Also there is a context menu extensions with some utilities for dll, exe and tlbContinue reading “Developer Extensions”

.NET Assembly Loading

There are two main ways to programmatically load assemblies. You can use the assembly loader or the assembly resolver. The assembly loader uses System.Reflection.Assembly class’ LoadFrom static method. The assembly resolver uses the System.Reflection.Assembly class’ Load static method. The assembly loader loads a specified file i.e. from a file path like so: var assembly =Continue reading “.NET Assembly Loading”


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