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.NET Assembly Loading

There are two main ways to programmatically load assemblies. You can use the assembly loader or the assembly resolver. The assembly loader uses System.Reflection.Assembly class’ LoadFrom static method. The assembly resolver uses the System.Reflection.Assembly class’ Load static method. The assembly loader loads a specified file i.e. from a file path like so: var assembly =Continue reading “.NET Assembly Loading”

.NET CLR Hosting

The CLR provides an unmanaged set of functions and COM interfaces called the CLR hosting API. An application that uses the CLR hosting API are called CLR hosts. CLR Hosting is about hosting the CLR in your native process and interacting with it to optimize the CLR. Examples of applications that also are CLR hosts:Continue reading “.NET CLR Hosting”

.NET PE32 File Format

The file format for CLI components is a strict extension of the current Portable Executable (PE) file format. This extended PE32 format enables the operating system to recognize runtime images, accommodates code emitted as CIL or native code, and accommodates runtime metadata as an integral part of the emitted code. The following picture shows theContinue reading “.NET PE32 File Format”


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