Developer Extensions Privacy Policy

Thank you for choosing Developer Extensions from SOLBERG IT SOFTWARE. Before installing and using the software be aware that all software has bugs. To that effect Developer Extensions is no exception. You hereby understand that the software might have bugs and accept that. SOLBERG IT SOFTWARE and our product Developer Extensions do not track, spyContinue reading “Developer Extensions Privacy Policy”

Linux: Is Keyboard Rootkitted

I created a keyboard rootkitted detector that consist of a Linux Loadable Kernel Module (LKM), a /proc/is-kbd-rkt file and a simple app that outputs the result. The app looks something like this: In order to try it out you first need: to have installed g++, gcc and make and need to have the linux-headers-`uname -r`Continue reading “Linux: Is Keyboard Rootkitted”

.NET Language Integrated Query (LINQ)

As of C# 3.0 we have had a standard way of querying data through Language Integrated Query or LINQ for short. C# 3.0 introduces its query language as a first-class citizen. The querying are type checked by the C# compiler. C# 3.0 also introduced things like lamda expressions and extension methods et. al. Both ofContinue reading “.NET Language Integrated Query (LINQ)”

.NET and Component Services (COM+)

Running out of resources can be a big problem for distributed systems. Handling a large number of requests from a few clients may work but handling a few requests from a large number of clients is a big problem. We simply do not have the resources, like database connections, to handle the load. COM+ isContinue reading “.NET and Component Services (COM+)”

.NET Weak and Strong References

When it comes to garbage collection there are weak references and strong references. When a root points to an object in managed heap, a strong reference exists. A weak reference is actually its own type; WeakReference. A WeakReference allows the garbage collector to collect the object, but also to let it be accessed. It allContinue reading “.NET Weak and Strong References”